On the Ballot: Seattle’s I-122

Supporters of Initiative 122 in Seattle claim that they are attempting to reduce and eventually eliminate the influence of independent money in elections. They tried to pass a similar proposition in 2013 in Seattle named Proposition 1 that narrowly lost with 50.37% of the vote. Supporters claim that wealthy groups and individuals have too much powe ...

PAC Spending Tips

Faced with hundreds of potential candidates to support, each new election cycle comes with the daunting decision of which candidates to support, and how to do it. To make that task slightly easier, Enterprise Washington has created a brief rundown of seven ways to improve your political spending strategy. These tips include ways to more efficiently ...

The Public Disclosure Commission Website

The Public Disclosure Commission website, also known as the PDC, offers the public an organized database where they can access “information on Commission meeting agendas, minutes, enforcement activity, laws, rules, rulemaking and stakeholder activities” as well as a site where they can “look up information on the financing of political campai ...

On the Ballot: Comparing Seattle District 3 Competitors

On August 4th 2015, Seattle held its Primary Elections for City Council Member Positions. There were originally 47 candidates running. This quantity of candidates was significantly high- it was more than twice the number of candidates from the past two years combined. However, due to primaries, the citizens of Seattle have narrowed down the candida ...



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